Some standpoints and values

Objectives are the preservation of real assets and the creation of jobs and their preservation in Germany.

Securing jobs

Like a financial holding company, ATON supports the companies in which it holds stakes and leaves the day-to-day running to the relevant managing directors.  Investments in companies are undertaken with a long-term view. ATON adheres to a consistent policy of only selling shares if another strategic investor is in a better position than ATON to secure the company and the jobs involved in the longer term. Hitherto, this policy has been followed in all strategic sales of companies.

Advancement of women and families

Germany does not possess raw materials, the country’s riches lie instead in the good education and training, creativity and innovative power of its people. As women make up half of the population, companies that do not correctly reflect this in their workforce risk missing out on the potential they offer. For this reason, ATON strives to raise the proportion of women in companies, including those in leading positions. With the portfolio companies, such strategies should thus be developed that promote the compatibility of job and family. This is also for the benefit of male employees. 


ATON is a family-run company. Such enterprises usually tend to be secretive. Transparency, however, is an essential requirement for functioning markets, as competition is only fair when the information from all participants in the market is clear and correct. In our opinion, competition is the best process of discovery for increasing general prosperity. This is why ATON communicates company data. Enterprises owned by ATON are obliged to publish their business accounts according to the laws applying to limited companies. Above and beyond that, we strive to publish quality and knowledge reports.

Account settling

Delaying payment can bring short-term benefits. In the longer term, allowing a company to be financed by its suppliers undermines business relations and essential cooperation based on trust. This in turn damages one’s own company. For this reason, all portfolio companies have the target of paying correct due bills within 14 days.

Independence and responsibility

Innovation needs functioning general conditions. These vary according to segment and sometimes according to company. ATON supports and advises its portfolio companies in developing and realizing company strategies and in financing. To be able to play on their strengths, portfolio companies act largely independently and are mainly overseen by ATON via key financial figures. Cooperative ventures between portfolio companies are encouraged, although at the same time there may be good reasons to run similar companies as separate entities.