About Us

ATON is the investment company of the Helmig family. The portfolio companies of ATON generally operate in business-to-business related sectors Engineering, Mining, Med Tech and Aviation. The end of 2019 saw the expansion into the sector Digital Services that’s currently getting started and is focused on digitalisation.

ATON invests in companies which stand out through their innovation and market leadership within their core business. An emphasis is set on sustainable and profitable growth. ATON offers business acumen based on long-term objectives, as well as international experience when implementing the business strategy, and financing on the basis of quick and pragmatic decision-making processes. We have every expectation, together with our portfolio companies, of achieving our goals with enthusiasm and determination, and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit.

A sustainable return expectation of the portfolio companies is closely related to the investment objective of long-term wealth creation. The ATON portfolio is based on a equity ratio of about 50% in order to be resilient and remain independent even against a backdrop of high volatility in finance and capital markets.

When assessing the performance of the portfolio companies, both earnings and cash-flow oriented figures in relation to turnover or employed capital are applied, as well as business oriented KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Only measurable and sustainable success can guarantee the maintenance of entrepreneurial freedom.

Furthermore, ATON aims to create and secure jobs in their portfolio companies and in Germany. It is also an intention of ATON to increase the proportion of women in leading positions, in particular in STEM related jobs. To achieve these goals, ATON seeks close and trust-based collaboration with the portfolio companies, which are generally majority shareholdings. Investments in minority shareholdings and start-ups are the exception, but are possible for companies in extraordinary growth markets with sweeping innovations.

In 2022, the 14,710 employees of the ATON Group generated gross revenues of some EUR 2.0 billion. Approximately 17 % of all employees are women.

Dr. Lutz M. Helmig, Dagmar Helmig, along with their two daughters, hold all shares in the ATON 2 GmbH / ATON GmbH. The participation by third parties in the company is excluded. This does not apply to portfolio companies.